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During your stay in La Roquebrussanne or in Toulon, you will have a large choice of activities to practice your French in immersion and discover new aspects of French culture. I can advise and help you choose the activities adapted to your areas of interest. These can include; hiking to discover natural fauna and flora, petanque lessons, cooking lessons, discovery of vineyards and wineries, local markets, visiting museums and historical monuments and attending concerts, cinema, theater and dance events.

In order to improve your French in the most natural and enjoyable way, we can take what we have seen and heard during these activities and study them in more detail during our lessons. This way, you can practice and use what you have learned and live the real French experience.


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Learn french immersion stay
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  • Pam Siddiqui

    1 Pam Siddiqui On 22/05/2023

    Je suis intéressé en classe de français sur internet. J'habite aux états unis.

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